Welcome to Queen Venerator.

They say that trying is the first step to failure. Well, if that is the case, consider me prepped for failure, because I’m trying something new. Again. This isn’t the first venture like this I’ve undertaken. As a college kid, I wrote a short-lived mini-zine. I’ve started and stopped multiple blogs over the years. I’ve had three podcasts, the most recent of which, Mondo Kanye, actually did pretty well all things considered. My point is that I’ve failed a lot. However, like Sisyphus or the Trix Rabbit, I am locked in a perpetual state of attempt and failure. Why? Honestly, I’m starting to wonder myself. I guess the catalysts for all of this are that I legitimately like a lot of things that fall outside of the margins of mainstream culture and that I like to write. Also, no one is going to do this for me. I’ve been unwittingly flexing a DIY ethos for over a decade now because no one can quite nail what I want to exist in the world. Only I can do that. So here we are. Don’t get me wrong, I would love it if you got something out of this, but let’s be honest, this is a wholly selfish endeavor. So, that leads to an obvious question: what exactly is this endeavor? Well, this is a culture blog that will focus on the full spectrum of culture and media, from the height of erudition to the scumfuckiest trash available. Do I want to discuss the work of Steve Reich? Yes. Do I also want to discuss that time that “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel wrestled Freddy Krueger on USWA TV? Of course I do. Normally, I would put these thoughts in podcast form, but with very recent, very unsavory litigation being floated around regarding discussions of copywritten material, I felt it best to restructure my whole setup. That means that six years of podcast episodes are gone and cannot be salvaged. A clean break seemed preferable to an extended death by one-thousand cuts. Plus, it honestly gives me a chance to play to my strengths better. My podcasts were totally scripted because I stammer like Bob Newhart under interrogation, and I’m a pretty awful audio editor as well. So, this gives me a chance to provide well-written, timely material, as well as giving me about ten hours per episode of my life back. However, I did buy a microphone, and that level of commitment cannot be overlooked. Therefore, I will continue to make a podcast, but the structure will be tweaked so that it doesn’t seem like I assigned myself homework once I clock out of my actual job. I haven’t really figured out how that will work just yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. To close this out, I want to welcome you to Queen Venerator, and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do making it, although I have my doubts. Anyway, here’s Mink Stole yelling at children. Keelah Se’lai.

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