Steven Seagal ft. Lady Saw – “Strut” (2004)

Steven Seagal ft. Lady Saw - “Strut” (2004)

This song is cursed. Steven Seagal made a dancehall song with Lady Saw about “punani” and it is fucking cursed. Apparently in 2005 between making some uninspired direct-to-DVD filler and doing photo-ops with Anderson Silva and calling it MMA training, Seagal released a full album called Songs from the Crystal Cave.

Wikipedia describes it as “outsider country-meets-world music-meets-aikido”, which is a lot of words to describe Hell. But it’s this track that needs to be focused on. Sexual Seagal is bad news, and hearing him sing about “punani” and some woman’s “kitty” and making her cum in a fake Jamaican accent makes me physically uncomfortable if I’m being honest. I hate it, and now I’m paying that awful feeling forward to all of you. Sorry in advance.

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  1. BoomShot

    Who knows, maybe Steven knows everything he does looks and sounds insane and does it all in humor while being 3 steps ahead of all of us.

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