We Need a Montage: Ranking Every 80’s Action Movie Montage Song Featured on the Blood Bros. Mixtape Series (Part 1)

80's action movie songs
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On this episode, we begin our three part quest to rank every 80’s action montage hype song featured on the Blood Bros. series of mixtapes, and we’re starting out hot on this one. There’s a little bit of everything on this one, including: electronic music titans, celebrities going wild, awful Steve Perry garbage, and a whole lot of Rocky IV. Good Stuff.

Songs Discussed:

Ann Wilson – Best Man in the World (The Golden Child)

Autograph – Winning Is Everything (Youngblood)

Beau Williams – Feeling So Good Today (Kickboxer)

Bill Conti – Philadelphia Morning (Rocky)

Bill Wray – No Mercy (Lionheart)

Billy Burnette – Brother to Brother (Gleaming the Cube)

Chesney Hawkes – I Am the One and Only (Buddy’s Song)

Chris Thompson – Never Turn Away (Dream a Little Dream)

David Michael Frank – The Dojo (Best of the Best 2)

Dear Enemy – New Hero (Street Hero)

Doug Kahan – The Last Stand (All the Right Moves)

DVDA – Montage (Team America: World Police)

DVDA – Now You’re a Man (Orgazmo)

Eric Barnett – My Brothers Eyes (Kickboxer 2)

Foreigner – Street Thunder (1984 Olympics)

Giorgio Moroder – The Fight (Over the Top)

Glenn Frey – The Heat Is On (Beverly Hills Cop)

Hammerfall – Living in Victory

Honeymoon Suite – Bad Attitude (Miami Vice)

James House – Flesh on Fire (Teen Wolf)

Johnny Vancouver (aka John Van Tongeren) – No Guts No Glory (Galaxy Rangers)

Journey – Only the Young (Vision Quest)

Little River Band – Playing to Win

Lou Gramm – One Dream (Highlander II: The Quickening)

Marc Safan – Win in the End (Teen Wolf)

Mickey Thomas – Stand in The Fire (Youngblood)

Moving Pictures – Never (Footloose)

Network – Back in America (National Lampoon’s European Vacation)

Patrick Swayze – Raising Heaven (In Hell Tonight) (Roadhouse)

Paul Hertzog – Advanced Training (Kickboxer)

Rick Derringer – Hulk Hogan – Real American (WWF)

Sammy Hagar – Winner Takes It All (Over the Top)

Stemage & C Jeff – Dawn of a New Day (Saturday Morning RPG)

Vince DiCola – Apollo’s Death and Funeral (Rocky IV)

Vince DiCola – Training Montage (Rocky IV)

To listen along for yourself (and you really should), there are links to the mixtapes below. Also, if you want to hear some new music discussion, you can listen to our episode on 2022 album releases.

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