The Notorious Eggroll – “No Satisfaction” (A-CH-B, 1987)

It’s rare that I can’t track down a song nowadays. Between streaming services, YouTube, and my sizable hard drive of albums, I usually don’t have to look hard for a song I want to hear. But every once in a while there’s that one song that eludes me.

Which brings me to the Notorious Eggroll.

I first saw them while I was scrolling through old public access TV clips one day and was hooked immediately. I mean, it’s kind of hard to not be amazed by a song that goes this hard. So, I started digging and immediately hit concrete.

There’s not much out there about the Notorious Eggroll. From what I can gather, the duo consists of Eva Sklar and Harold Brown, they released one cassette in 1987 called The Message of Love and and EP in 2007, and they performed on this NYC public access show. That’s about it. No YouTube version of the album cut, no physical release, nothing official floating around.

That said, what I do have is this performance and it fucking rips. It brings together my love of unhinged public access TV and bangers. Definitely worth a listen.

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